One Percent to Unf%ck the Planet

According to Project Drawdown society can devote just 1% of GDP to remove over 1 trillion tons of carbon from the atmosphere through solutions ranging from solar farms, to regenerative agriculture to educating girls. And in general there is a $2-$3 benefit to society for each dollar spent.


Food + Land Use: The New Focus

Food and Land Use represent over 45% of the solution set and for every dollar invested, return over $13 in benefit to society(!).

Plus, the Drawdown calculations were based on historical carbon sequestration rates. New research is finding carbon farming can pull 5x or 10x as much carbon out of the atmosphere per acre per year and can continue to do so at a rapid rate for decades.

We must urgently transition from non-renewable farming to renewable farming.

Building on The CA Healthy Soils Program

The California Department of Food and Agriculture and the California Air Resources Board are paying farmers to reverse climate change as part of the state’s efforts to become carbon neutral by 2045. Using advanced modeling, soil scientists can estimate the emissions reductions from practices such as compost application, cover cropping, planting trees, etc. Restore California will serve as a private sector complement to the existing program, creating additional funding to help farmers implement these practices and transition the state towards a renewable food economy.